Effets secondaires / Pablo Tomek (FR)

5.8.17 – 1.9.17


Bindings / Mark Whalen (US)

14.7.17 – 30.7.17


A knife through a hand, trough a table / Rhys Lee (AUS)

2.6.17 – 25.6.17


Amerikanische Impressionen / Bernd Ackfeld (DE)

5.5.17 – 28.5.17    


Priority boarding / Stefan Marx (DE)

21.5.17 – 30.4.17 STEFAN MARX lends his unique handwriting to a variety of materials: paper – torn-out pages from magazines or new sheets from his sketchbook – canvas, porcelain…


Various Ink / Marco Zumbé (DE)

6.1.17 – 26.1.17 MARCO ZUMBÉ is working with marker pens on canvas or paper on both sides, the front and the back. Instead of using established techniques, he…


alle gegen alle / Simon Hemmer (DE)

6.1.17 – 26.1.17 Simon Hemmer plays with shape, colour and several layers of paint in his work. He uses different techniques to express his artistic vision – always…


i can´t see shit / Julian Gorten (DE)

6.1.17 – 26.1.17 Julian Gorten lets things happen. He assembles sculptures putting together found objects and organic materials. His creations – mostly dark – contrast their background. They often have…


IRRE FÜHREN / Roland Schappert (DE)

9.12.16 – 1.1.17 Exhibition: POP;68 – Intervention and Talk: Ruttkowski;68 Roland Schappert paints on canvas, paper and vintage movie posters as well as on indoor and outdoor walls….


Hidden Agenda / Jårg Geismar (DE)

4.11.16 – 2.12.16 In Greek mythology, the Athenian king Theseus found his way out of the labyrinth of Minotaur by following a red thread given to him by…


OM / David Schiesser (DE)

7.10.16 – 30.10.16 David Schiesser’s art is both figurative and abstract, simultaneously presenting and questioning nature, science and the relationship between humans and animals.     OMis David…


the science of happiness / Andy Kassier (DE)

2.9.16 – 25.9.16 Andy Kassier is most famously known for his photographs resembling, exaggerating and questioning a lifestyle and a society that is driven by money and performance….


Constellations / Jan van de Weyer (DE)

5.8.16 – 28.8.16 Jan van de Weyer expresses himself through sculpture and plastic focusing his artistic research on the human body by creating busts of men and women….


Full of Emotion / Klasse Andreas Schulze (DE)

9.7.16 – 31.7.16 The twenty students from the class of professor Andreas Schulze are currently presenting their works in a group exhibition currently on view at Pop;68, the…


Avistamientos / Santiago Lara (ES)

11.6.16 – 3.7.16 What kind of cultural formulations are artists able to come up with nowadays in a social climate in which supposedly objective system relationships increasingly determine…


New world, new rules / Fuzi (F)

6.5.16 – 5.6.16 Fuzi is a multimedia artist who has been using public spaces as the medium for self-expression since the late 1980s. Today, his surfaces of choice…


Fooled / Rafael Parra Román (ES)

12.12.15 – 17.1.16 Rafael Parra Román’s first exhibition at Pop;68 is based on fake visual irony. He adds personal messages and images to existing imagery in order to decontextualize…